Beach type: Popular
Location: South West

Cala Conta offers a marvelous view overlooking the spattered islands off of the coastline. Combined with the turquoise hue of prismic waters, Cala Conta constitutes one of the most stunning beaches of the entire island. There are actually two stretches of beach in Cala Conta: one with a rockier coastline; and the other, near dunes. There is little shade to seek, so it will be handy to arrange for a parasol. The water is incredibly shallow, which makes it particularly safe for children. For the more experienced swimmer, however, it is nice to swim out to one of the islands, starting from the coast. In the summer, it is all the more amazing to be able to witness the sunset from one of the restaurant terraces here. Especially Sunset is a beautiful spot. The prices here are rather reasonable, by the way, for the quality of the food you receive! So, you can really enjoy yourself.

This is an enormously popular beach. During peak season, it is a good idea to get out early before all the good spots are taken. Other popular beaches nearby are Cala Bassa and Cala Tarida.