Beach type: Popular
Location: South West

Cala d’Hort is a small beach with a fantastic view overlooking Es Vedra Island which is merely a few hundred meters off the coast. The beach itself is sprawled with sand on one side and scattered with rock on the other. In the summer especially, this is one very popular beach. The beach is shouldered by humongous cliffs and is home to two small restaurants and a boutique. At the top, you can see Es Boldado Restaurante. Parking nearby can be troublesome. A trail of cars is alongside the road, and once the hilltop is reached, you will be lucky to find any place to park.

Location: 10 minutes from San Jose or from Cala Vadella
Facilities: Lounge beds, umbrellas, restaurants, beach boutiques, lifeguards, accessible for the disabled.
Activities: Relax!
Size: 150 meters long and about 15/25 meters wide