Beach type: Quiet / (unofficial) nudist beach
Location: East

Cala Oliviera is next to Roca Lisa. Initially, one might think that it could not possible be all that great here, since the lamented industrial developments plopped onto Roca Lisa. However, if you turn right, off the sandy trail, you will see that it can be quite tame and uncrowded. The long sandy road down below, with many stone rocks, makes sure of this. Once you have arrived, however, you will realize it wasworth it! You first arrive at a nice, small bay, completely shielded by enormous cliffs, encircled by clear blue water. The beach does not have the best quality sand due to drifting rocks, yet this fails to spoil the experience for those taking a liking to all that is cozy and pleasantly small-scale. People are not shy about slipping out of the bikini, and a few of them will lie there completely naked. Just so you know! And to top it off, a nice, small beach bar is nearby for you to get your cold beer fix. That said, we have no qualms about recommending this beach!